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Siri Will No Longer Tell You Where to Find Prostitutes

Siri, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant application built into the iPhone 5, is programmed to answer your vocalized questions. But for users in China, there are some questions that she will no longer answer: The inactivation came after Siri users found the popular voice-activated personal assistant on their iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad3 responded to inquiries such as “Where [...]

Photosynthetic Aphids

Image: Shipher Wu and Gee-way Lin/National Taiwan University – via Wikipedia Photosynthesis, the process of by which light energy is captured from the sun and turned into chemical energy, as any school children know, [...]

New Level of Fakery in China: Fake U.S. Bank

Fake watches and knock off Louis Vuitton bags? In china, such fakery is so common it’s pedestrian. Well, rice trader Lin Chunping took it to another level with this brazen act: he pretended to [...]

Who Was the Unknown Rebel?

This month marks the anniversary of an amazing act of nonviolent protest by a man whose name we still don’t know. As a string of tanks – 17 or 18 in all, though you can only see a few in the pictures – rolled near Tiananmen Square on June 5, 1989, this unknown man, his [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Celebrity Zoo Residents

With the recent popularity of the Bronx Zoo Cobra, I thought it was a good time to check out some other zoo animals that received celebrity status during their heydays. I don’t know if any of their Twitter feeds could have competed with the Cobra’s nearly quarter of a million followers, though! 1. Knut the polar [...]

Building the Wall

Today, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one of the most popular memorials in the United States, but at the time it was conceived it was so controversial that it’s a wonder it got built at all. MOVING PICTURE One evening in March 1979, Jan Scruggs went to see The Deer Hunter, a movie about a group of [...]

Fake Fingerprints by Plastic Surgery

27-year-old Lin Rong re-entered Japan even though she had earlier been deported back to China. She wasn’t caught until she was arrested on other charges, because her fingerprints were different. Lin had undergone surgery to have her left fingerprints moved to her right hand, and vice versa! Local media reports said Ms Lin had undergone surgery [...]

Five Times MC Hammer Changed History

MC Hammer (aka Stanley Kirk Burrell) isn’t just the hip-hop superstar behind “U Can’t Touch This” and “Pump it Up.” He’s an influential figure, touching big events in the last two decades, kind of like a modern-day Forrest Gump. Don’t believe me? Check out these five times that Hammer changed the world. Getting Michael Crabtree Signed Michael [...]

Hammered Guy Hammered 8-Inch Nail Into Own Skull

Someone tell Lin Ma that being hammered doesn’t mean that he should literally hammer his own skull: Hard-headed husband Lin Ma hammered a nail into his own skull after a bust up with his wife over his boozing. Lin, 66, of Yuyi, southern China, pounded the eight inch nail into his head when wife Su, 60, read [...]