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10 Reasons Why Getting A Garfield Tattoo Is A Terrible Idea

The people whose limbs are featured in this photo collection obviously felt strongly about sharing their love of Garfield with the world, so much in fact that they permanently tattooed themselves with his likeness. If you, or a friend, are thinking about getting a Garfield tattoo please take a look at this gallery first and sleep [...]

Freddie Mercury in LEGO

It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow will mark twenty years since Freddie Mercury died. Ochre Jelly pays tribute to the Queen singer with a likeness in LEGO, plus a post about Mercury’s life and accomplishments. Warning: autoplay music video. Link

Image of Jesus sighted on cliff face

A woman in Ireland has taken a photograph of what she believes to be the face of Jesus on a cliff. Sandra Clifford and her friend spotted the likeness…

Pickle Attempting to Out-Fan Nickelback

Look at this photograph. Now get ready to laugh. This┬ádelectable treat has a Facebook page that is trying to get more fans than the band Nickelback. Currently the group has 1,392,481 fans, and the dill has 400,000, but steadily rising. The creator of the page says: Yes, this page was inspired by “Can this onion ring [...]