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One Lighthouse

We received a request from Tunisio Alves Filho in Brazil, who says: Over the past 364 days I’ve been working on a photography project called “One Lighthouse, 365 Clicks” where I’ve been photographing a lighthouse (this one – which happens to be the first lighthouse to be built in all the Americas) and posting a new [...]

The Tyrant of Clipperton Island

Clipperton Island is an abandoned atoll in the Pacific Ocean, 1,000 kilometers from the coast of Mexico. Its history is one of being passed from nation to nation as its value was explored and judged inadequate. Around 1910, Mexico sent 13 soldiers to guard the island. They were joined by their wives and some servants, [...]

A "Traveling Library" for Lighthouses

The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy website includes an extensive compilation of the tools required for the operation of a lighthouse. In addition to the expected hardware and lights, they document some beautifully crafted “traveling libraries.” In 1876 portable libraries were first introduced in the Light-House Establishment and furnished to all light vessels and inaccessible offshore light stations [...]

5 Large structures that have been moved short distances

I was driving around my neighborhood recently and discovered this creepy looking house that the city is getting ready to move across town. Still not exactly sure why (seems demolishing it would be better), but it got me thinking: what other big structures have been moved and why? Here are five that have interesting histories. [...]