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"Would Mahatma Gandhi Have Made a Good Software Engineer?"

And would this be a good job interview question? According to one job seeker, an interviewer at the accounting firm Deloitte thought so. Here are a few others on Glassdoor’s list of the twenty-five oddest questions posed to job applicants during the past year: 2. “Just entertain me for five minutes, I’m not going to talk.” 11. [...]

16 Things You Shouldn’t Microwave

(Video Link) I always knew you shouldn’t put light bulbs in the microwave, but I had no idea that it would look so cool if you did. If you want to see more weird things you shouldn’t put in a microwave (and the strange results), this BuzzFeed article is a good place to start. Link

The Musical Light Bulbs of Michael Vorfeld

(Video Link) German percussionist Michael Vorfeld creates sound installations by turning different light bulbs on and off. The popping bulbs and flashing lights create a uniquely rhythmic experience for his live audiences. The above video is from a performance last February in Brussels. Official Website via Urlesque

Light-emitting wallpaper could replace bulbs

A company in Wales has developed light emitting wallpaper in a bid to replace traditional light bulbs with a better energy-saving alternative. The…

Fluorescent Tube Fighting

These men are beating each other senseless using fluorescent tube light bulbs as weapons. This is apparently a sport in Japan. I can’t find much information about it online, so I take it that it is not a widely popular sport. One blogger said “It’s like WWF meets WTF.” — which seems like a good [...]

Top 10 Clever Fixes for Your Broken Stuff

Lifehacker collected ten handy household repair secrets from around the web that may come in handy when you least expect them. For example, a tip for getting your dying hard drive to survive long enough to make the backup you should have made long ago. If it looks like mechanical failure is the cause, and you [...]