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How Much Does James Bond Cost Taxpayers?

The license to kill doesn’t come cheap! Find out how much money James Bond’s fancy clothes, cars and gadgets cost the British taxypayers: Link – Thanks Jack!

License Plates Invitation

What are those Pennsylvanians doing, holding up strange license plates like that? Inviting typographic artist Jessica Hische to visit, actually! Today the Society of Design in PA (my home state) invited me to speak. In doing so, they created the [...]

One Ear Up

Does what it says on the vanity license plate! Via Blame it on the Voices

11 Nerdy License Plates

This might just be the best license plate joke I’ve ever seen. While the rest of the license plates on this Mental Floss list are all pretty funny, this one certainly takes the cake. Link

Apps for Crimes

Wanna commit crime? There’s an app for that! No, seriously. There are apps that display fake Drivers License, let you avoid DUI checkpoints, and more: Want to fool merchants with a fake ID? Hack someone’s text messages? Or how about tracking where your co-workers are, without their knowing it? There’s an app for that. The explosion in smartphone [...]

Driverless Car Law Passed in Nevada

Are you sick of your long commute to work and wish you could take a nap or read the web while on the road? Soon you may be able to obtain a license for a car that can drive itself. While such a vehicle may be a few years off, the state of Nevada is [...]

Richard Dreyfuss Performs a Dramatic Reading of the iTunes User Agreement

It is very important to read those long, tedious license agreements — especially from Apple. But that doesn’t have to be a boring activity. For a podcast, Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss read the iTunes user agreement in several different, dramatic voices. You can listen to excerpts at the link. My favorite is ‘irritable German [...]

The Best and Worst of States

What does your state do best? What are you collectively worst at? Apparently we Oklahomans have the best license plate but the most female criminals; if this were still a time in which inmates stamped plates during their incarceration, I’d say it was obvious. As it stands, I think the rest of you states are [...]

New York May Require License Plates For Bicycles

New York is proposing a new bicycle law. They want all bikes to have license plates. Bicycle owners would pay $25 for the first year and then $5 each year after that. The idea is not going over too well upstate. “Collecting money from parents and from little kids – that would give us their allowance money [...]

Not your typical low-income housing

Discarded frame samples become ceilings, license plates become roofs, wine bottle bottoms become stained glass windows… Dan Phillips is a self-taught carpenter, electrician and plumber who has created an unusual connection between two seemingly unrelated problems: The shortage of affordable housing in his neighborhood and the plethora of junk and discarded materials filling landfills. “Look at kids [...]