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Correctly Labeled

When I first saw this picture, I assumed someone in the neighborhood who had suspicions wrote this on a parked truck. But according to WBIR, this truck was stopped by police in Memphis. Someone was actually driving it with “METH LAB” written on the windows! After being stopped for a license plate violation early Friday morning, [...]

11 Nerdy License Plates

This might just be the best license plate joke I’ve ever seen. While the rest of the license plates on this Mental Floss list are all pretty funny, this one certainly takes the cake. Link

The Best and Worst of States

What does your state do best? What are you collectively worst at? Apparently we Oklahomans have the best license plate but the most female criminals; if this were still a time in which inmates stamped plates during their incarceration, I’d say it was obvious. As it stands, I think the rest of you states are [...]