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The Missing Links: T.Hanks A Lot

Trampoline Bridge! Oh. My. God. Trampoline Bridge. Tram. Po. Line. Bridge. That makes me feel like this. Speaking of The Simpsons… * Happy 55th Birthday, Dan Castellaneta Celebrate the birth of the voice of Homer Simpson by discovering four Simpsons controversies that didn’t end in lawsuits. * T.Hanks for the Great Costume Ideas This clip from The Colbert Report is [...]

Sex, Tea and Rock ‘N’ Roll

Sex, Tea and Rock ‘N’ Roll – $11.95 | More Tea Party Series Now these are the kind of Tea Party that both liberals and conservatives can agree on These Tea Party teabags from the NeatoShop, designed by Thomas Kappes, bear images of famous people in music, film, and politics just hangin’ out in your [...]

The Myth of High-Benefits/High-Tax Government of California

While it’s chic to complain about the evil of taxes and government, there’s an implicit assumption that higher taxes translate to more government services (the age old argument between liberals and conservatives generally revolve around how much government services, and therefore government size, is optimal.) But do higher taxes actually bring about superior public goods? [...]