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In the game Furiosity, the object is apparently to click and turn all the blocks into a different color for each level. It only begins to get difficult about level four, and then it gets very difficult for further levels. Good luck! Link -via the Presurfer

Art Reproductions Made Using Torn Up Magazines

These reproductions of famous paintings take collage art to a whole new level of cool, and demonstrate a good use for all the magazines piling up in the corner of the living room. They were created by Vik Muniz, a Brooklyn based artist whose passion is hacking up the printed page with scissors and gluing the [...]

Chalk Typography

Wow. This is just. Wow. Take a look at the level of details that Liz Collini went through with her hand-lettered chalk typography, drawn in the style of mechanical blueprints: See more over at typetoken [...]

Really Big Tetris

MIT’s 21-story Green Building was briefly transformed into a giant Tetris game on on September 12, 2011. That game was shut down due to glitches in gameplay. But last Friday, April 20, a fully functioning version of Tetris ran on the building, controlled by a console at ground level. That console was [...]

The Dogs of Walmart

People of Walmart is soooo 2008. These days, it’s all about the dogs of the people of Walmart -now that’s a new whole new level of Walmart craziness. While there isn’t a whole website dedicated to this subset of insanity, Pets Lady has filtered through all the animal category of the site to find the [...]

Shiro Has a New Friend

Shiro, Japan’s most laid-back cat, has reached a level of fame in which fans can buy their own version of him (but only in Japan). Watch Shiro test the new toy to show how authentic it is. The plushie is almost as patient and tolerant as Shiro is! Link to pictures. Link to video.  -via [...]

Does telepathy conflict with science ?

More scientists and skeptics than ever consider psychic phenomena to be a possibility on some level. The idea of extrasensory perception is not a new …

LEGO 19-Foot Scale Model of a Saturn V Rocket

Even when it’s scaled down to minifig level, a Saturn V rocket is huge! LEGO artist Ryan McNaught built this one out of 120,000 bricks. It includes important details, such as liquid oxygen tanks and a panicking astronaut at ground level. Link -via Nerd Approved | Photo: Melbourne Headshot Company Previously by This Artist: LEGO Love Boat


Despite the lack of color, Ouka is a pretty game. The goal is to click on the swirling flower symbol. It starts out ridiculously easy and gets hard really quick after the first level. I got through level seven before I remembered I’m supposed to be working. Link -via Look at This

Arm Yourself With These Pillow Fight Weapons

Want to take your pillow fights to the next level? These pillow weapons were designed with you in mind! Guaranteed to cause less bodily harm than a real scimitar, or lightsaber for that matter, they will make you fee like you’re armed with a real weapon when the pillows start flying. Now go forth and [...]