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100-year-old Letter to Santa Found in Chimney

John Byrne was installing a new central heating unit in his home in Dublin in 1992 when he found a letter in the fireplace. It was a little scorched, but still readable. On Christmas Eve 1911, a brother and sister, who signed their names, “A or H Howard”, penned their personally designed letter to Santa with [...]

Captain Scott’s final letter revealed

The final chilling letter penned by Scott’s Antarctic expedition has been revealed for the first time. Sir Edward Wilson had written the letter as the…

Artists Illustrate The Alphabet

What image do you relate to each letter of the alphabet? Various artists were asked the very same question, so they illustrated each letter, and drew up a small scene relating to each letter, like this Beatle themed letter B by Michael Gillette. Together, they make up the print series called “The Illustrated Alphabet, and you [...]

It’s A Good Thing That He Had a Safety School

Harvey Wax failed to get into Princeton’s law school, but he did get into Harvard’s and went on to have a successful career. His letter, kept for many years in his family, was recently published in an anthology of rejection letters edited by Bill Shapiro. In an interview about this letter, Wax said “If you [...]

Star Wars Alphabet

Have you ever wished you could write a letter using your favorite Star Wars characters? Well, thanks to the artwork of Fabian Gonzalez you can. Now if only someone could make this a font that could be used on your computer. Link Via Laughing Squid

The Time Fidel Castro Asked FDR for $10

The year: 1940. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was residing in the White House; a 12-year-old Fidel Castro was studying at a boarding school, Colegio Dolores in Santiago, Cuba. Fidel read about Roosevelt’s third re-election and, on a whim, decided to drop one of the most powerful men in the world a line. At the time, Fidel’s [...]

Triangular Letters

This is a triangular letter. During World War II, Russian soldiers folded their letters home in a way that required no envelope -it’s actually quite easy. And it was also easy for censors to open and read them before sending them on. Families back home were excited to see this shape arrive in the mail. [...]

55 Two-Letter Combinations That Actually Count in ‘Words With Friends’

“THAT’s a word?” If you play Words With Friends and are frequently demoralized by opponents scoring very big points using very small words, this list will help you up your game. If you don’t play Words With Friends, perhaps you can work these into conversation. Aa – Noun of Hawaiian origin describing volcanic rock consisting of angular [...]

Bacon Font

Henry Hargreaves made a font out of bacon! No, it’s not just a bacon font, each letter was constructed from real bacon, as you can see: It was a joint effort: Photography and direction by Henry Hargreaves, styling by Sarah Guido. See closeups of each letter at his website. Link

Frank Sinatra: Crossword Puzzle Fan

Frank Sinatra wrote this letter to New York Times editor Eugene Maleska. The correspondence between them began in the early 80s after he was featured in a crossword puzzle, which he could complete in half an hour. Link -via Letters of Note