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Hot Momma

Leslie Hall is the Quality Assurance Industrial Specialist for Tabasco Sauce. That means she tastes the hot Tabasco brand sauce all day, every day. It’s her job. ā€œI like it hot! Iā€™m a Louisiana girl,ā€ she smiled. She better like it ā€” as a food scientist, Leslie tests every batch of Tabasco Sauce four times, checking [...]

Leslie Nielsen’s Final Joke

Actor Leslie Neilsen was known for his fart jokes. His gravestone, installed at Evergreen Cemetery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has one. The quote says, “Let ‘er rip.” Which could mean Rest in Peace, but we all know what he really meant. Link -via Screen Junkies (Image credit: Amy Beth Bennett/Sun Sentinel)

The Late Movies: Leslie Hall, Rap Queen of Iowa

Leslie Hall is what Wikipedia describes as “an American satirical rap artist and front-woman for the band Leslie and the Ly’s and the operator of what is best described as a ‘gem sweater museum.’” I asked around and was told by THREE friends, “Oh yeah, Leslie’s kind of famous.” She’s been on Yo Gabba Gabba!! [...]