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The Man Who Made Justin Bieber

"Wherever there’s talent, there’s talent manager," wrote Lizzie Widdicombe in this New Yorker article. Mozard had his father Leopold, Elvis had Colonel Tom Parker. The Backstreet Boys [...]

Community Memory: World’s First BBS and … Online Troll?

Photo: Resource One Newsletter, Number 2, April 1974, via Mark Szapakowski Community Memory, the first public computerized bulletin board system was installed in Berkeley, California, in 1973, [...]

The Ulysses Map

It took Rachel Kerr three years to create, but it’s worth the wait: Leopold’s Day is a map of Dublin that features the city as it was described in James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses. Rachel also made a directory [...]

The Sad Story of Ota Benga

Fifty years after slavery was abolished, the Bronx Zoo had an exhibit in which they displayed a man in a cage. His name was Ota Benga, a member of a pygmy Mbuti tribe from the Belgian Congo. Ota Benga’s life was tragic from early on. He was a member of the Mbuti people who lived in [...]

A Short History of Long-Haired Music: Amadeus, Part 1

If you missed our previous installments, check out A Short History of Long-Haired Music archives Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) was what some scholars[1] have called “the fillet of the Classical epoch…easily the most impressive composer of his time.” In fact, it could be argued that Mozart was not only the most impressive composer of his time, [...]

The Art of Science, the Science of Art

“QUANTUM SHOT” #600Link – article by M. Christian and A. Abrams Mixing the staggering beauty of pure art with a precision and dedication of great science. It reads contradictory and conflicted: the art of science/science of art – the mixture of the logical and methodical with the imaginative and emotional. But science and art – or, if you’d [...]