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Steampunk Da Vinci Cupcake

Hold on to your monocle and top hat, Steampunk lovers! Mike’s Amazing Cakes baked up this idea of bringing Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings into cupcake form, sprinkled with a little steampunk magic. Between the Pages blog [...]

For Your Inspiration: 11 Imagination-Jarring Tips From Creative Geniuses

Comstock Images There are plenty of competing theories for how to boost your creativity: paint your room blue , work someplace noisy and distracting , complete a bunch of silly sentences, Mad-Libs-style. But there’s no better source for creativity advice than from a creative genius. Here are 11 tactics practiced by big thinkers, artists and innovators. 1. [...]

Sketches from Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebook: The Large Hadron Collider

You may already know about Leonardo da Vinci’s submarine design, or his sketches for helicopters, parachutes and airplanes. But you not have seen his plan for a compact muon solenoid detector, almost identical to the one now used by CERN in its Large Hadron Collider. That, at least, is the idea behind this drawing by [...]

Strangest Tanks in History, Part 1

“QUANTUM SHOT” #769 Link – article by Avi Abrams From Early Tank Ideas to Enormous Pre-WW1 Steam Tanks Cataloging the machines of destruction may seem like a thankless job (when you think about how much pain and misery they brought to mankind), but the sheer ingenuity of military engineering is certainly [...]

Leonardo da Vinci’s Anatomical Drawings

Images: Royal Collection and Dr. Richard Wellings/UCHW Five hundred years ago, Leonardo da Vinci wanted to know how the human body was composed, and set out to work on a treatise on human anatomy. [...]

Da Vinci anatomical drawings go on display

A new exhibition will showcase Leonardo Da Vinci’s remarkably accurate drawings of the human body. Da Vinci made thousands of pages worth of notes and…

Scientists Calculated the “Rapunzel Number” and Cracked the Secret of the Ponytail

Huzzah! Another scientific mystery bites the dust! Scientists have finally cracked a problem that has "perplexed humanity since Leonardo da Vinci pondered it 500 years ago." Learn all about the Rapunzel Number, which provides a key ratio needed [...]

The Handbag Designed by Leonardo da Vinci

For the ultimate retro look, get Leonardo da Vinci’s handbag. It’s a modern leather purse from the fashion house Ghrardini that is based on a design sketched by Leonardo in the Codex Atlanticus, a collection of his notes and drawings. At the link, you can watch a video of an artisan assembling one. Link -via American [...]

Monday Night Sky Show

If the day after Christmas strikes you as a letdown, make a note to yourself now to get outside on Monday evening. NASA tells us there’s going to be a conjunction of heavenly bodies. The action begins shortly before sunset. Around 4:30 pm to 5:00 pm local time, just as the sky is assuming its evening [...]

Are there animals hidden in the Mona Lisa ?

Artist Ron Piccirillo believes he has uncovered one of the famous painting’s many secrets. Leonardo Da Vinci’s most well known and celebrated masterpi…