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Mercury + Sound = Kooky Mad Science Party

Now let’s watch what happens when you take a blob of mercury and subject it to different audio frequencies. Spoiler alert: the mercury forms geometric shapes and appears to dance. This is slow-motion footage (with music added, not the tones the mercury is reacting to — we’ll get to those original tones [...]

Century-old Lens Still Making Pictures

What’s so special about the photo above? Photographer Timur Civan snapped that photo using a modern digital camera with a vintage 104-year-old Wollensak lens. Back in 2010, Timur wrote: He found in a box of random parts, hidden inside anther lens this [...]

In the Future, Bionic Contact Lenses Will Let You Keep up with Your Twitter Stream through Your Eyeballs

If there’s one big problem with the Internet, it’s that you can’t be on it all day, every day, without interruption. No, sometimes you must take your eyes away from the screen. Those are sad times, but they will soon be in the past. Researchers have made progress toward interactive contact lens displays. Here’s the [...]

New "Scratched Glasses" Give Perfect Vision

Bifocals and trifocals allow people with limited vision to see objects at varying distances, but only by refocusing on the object from a different vantage. A scientist named Zeev Zalevsky responded to this problem by developing a lens that allows the user to focus on any distance out from 33 centimeters: It involves engraving the surface [...]

Op lets people upgrade their eyes to HD

A new artificial lens has been developed that can allow people to see in high definition. The operation to implant the new lens has been carried o…

Blind Woman Can See Again After a Tooth Is Implanted in Her Eye

Katherine Harmon writes in Scientific American that a Mississippi woman blind for the past nine years can see 20/70 after one of her own teeth was surgically implanted in one of her eyes: To begin the months-long process, doctors removed one of Thornton’s canine teeth—aka an eyetooth—along with part of the jaw and cut it all [...]

Eye Augmentation in the Future

Image: Raygun Studio Babak A. Parviz, a bionanotechnologist at the University of Washington, writes that in the future, biotech innovations could lead to display screens inside contact lenses: These visions (if I may) might seem far-fetched, but a contact lens with simple built-in electronics is already within reach; in fact, my students and I are already producing [...]