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7 Amazing Stories of Lost and Re-Found Wedding Rings

If you’re married, you’ve almost certainly misplaced your wedding ring at one place or another and even if you’ve never actually lost it, you probably know someone else who has. After all, a little band of gold or platinum is pretty easy to lose track of, even if it is important to hold on to. [...]

Long lost ring found on growing carrot

A woman in Sweden has found her wedding ring on a carrot in her garden after it was lost for 16 years. Lena Paahlsson had misplaced the ring in 1995 a…

Lost Wedding Ring Found on Carrot in Woman’s Garden

In 1995, while baking in her kitchen, Lena Påhlsson of Mora, Sweden took off her custom-made wedding ring. She didn’t see it again until it turned up sixteen years later around a carrot that grew in her garden: But as Lena was about to gather the last of the carrots from the family vegetable patch last [...]