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Tag, You’re It!

(Video Link) A kangaroo and a lemur playing tag? Stranger animal friendships have happened. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

King of the Lemurs

This little lemur appears to be showing off his biceps for the ladies! Of course, redditors have dubbed this particular ring-tailed lemur King Julien, the lemur from the 2005 film Madagascar. They are referring to the lemur’s attitude, but I can see the resemblance. Link -via Buzzfeed

Lemurs Love Their Thanksgiving Dinner

Zoos love to give their animals holiday treats, but for the most part, it’s just little more then a pumpkin. But this lemur feast at the San Francisco Zoo goes beyond the norm, providing the little guys with silver plates, candles, lovely centerpieces and a tasty meal. Link Via Laughing Squid

A Group of Little-Known Lemurs

Thanks to the animated film, Madagascar, most children and their parents are familiar with the Ring-Tailed lemur. But there are many species–most endangered–that deserve a little attention, too. BTW, “group” is the official collective noun for lemurs, but I think it should be something different, like “prank” or “chatter”. How do I go about getting [...]