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World’s Oldest Purse Decorated with a Hundred Dog Teeth

Photo: Klaus Bentele/LDA Halle Talk about a biting sense of style. Researchers have discovered the world’s oldest purse, decorated with hundreds of dog teeth: Excavators at a site near Leipzig (map) uncovered more than a hundred [...]

The Cingulate Cortex Does Everything

by Gregory J. Gage†, Hirak Parikh†, Timothy C. Marzullo†† † University of Michigan, Department of Biomedical Engineering †† University of Michigan, Neuroscience Program Here we explain most of the mysteries concerning the brain. We report the “Cingular Theory of Uni?cation,” which postulates that one brain region— the “cingulate cortex”—is the alpha and omega, responsible for all of humankind’s functions. [...]

9 Child Prodigies (Who Actually Ended Up Doing Something)

Four-year-old Australian Aelita Andre is the talk of the international art world. She sold one painting for $24,000, and her work is currently on display at the Agora Gallery in New York. Perhaps a few decades from now, she’ll earn a spot on this list, which we first published in 2009. By Rick Chillot Being a child [...]

A Brief History of Garden Gnomes

Note: This article was originally published in May 2009. We’re currently switching to a new hosting provider, and it’s a messy process. So while we wait for the “OK, you can start posting again” note from the server migration people, we’ll be putting up a few stories you may have missed the first time around. At [...]

Tycho Brahe: The Drinking Man’s Thinking Man

Like most trust-fund party boys, astronomer Tycho Brahe came fully outfitted with a less-than-endearing arrogant side. Of course, that’s not to say his hubris was totally misplaced. As a child, it didn’t take Tycho very long to realize that he possessed not only a lot more mental power than most of his peers, but also [...]

Heidi, the Cutest Cross-Eyed Opossum You’ll Meet Today!

What’s cuter than an opossum? How about a cross-eyed, fat one named Heidi who lives at the Leipzig zoo: Heidi’s poor vision – thanks to her bulging eyes – has struck a chord with the public, but zookeepers say it does not cause many problems. As opossums are nocturnal they rely heavily on their sense of [...]

North Carolina Opossum Become German Star

Heidi the Cross-eyed Opossum lives at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany, where she is set to be a part of Gondwanaland, a new area of the zoo which will open in July. The two-and-a-half year old opossum has already inspired a song and a plush toy. It is a long way from home. According to the [...]

A Short History of Long-Haired Music: The Classical Era, part 1

If you missed our previous installments, check out A Short History of Long-Haired Music archives. Wait a second, The Classical Era? Haven’t we been talking about classical music this whole time? How can the word classical apply to an entire genre of music if the classical era only spanned about seventy-five years? My grandfather Mervin [...]

The Bald Bear

Vets are baffled at this strange sight: Dolores, a spectacled bear at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany has gone bald! It could be due to a genetic defect but the animals don’t seem to be suffering any other afflictions. The normally fluffy dark brown bears should be now growing a thick fur coat to keep them warm [...]