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That’s Not How It’s Supposed to Work

(Video Link) Well, at least his front legs are getting some exercise, that’s gotta count for something right?

The Fastest Wookiee Alive

And even if he’s not, let him win the race. Wookiees, artist Ming Doyle would remind us, tend to pull people’s legs out of their sockets when they loose. Artist’s Website -via Comics Alliance


If you thought Bennett Foddy’s QWOP was too difficult (or too short because you failed), then you’ll like his newest game CLOP. It works like QWOP, but you are controlling a unicorn (or not). With four legs, the animal is less likely to fall down completely, but I still managed to end up with the [...]

Duck Run

(YouTube link) He went for a walk with his duckling Charlie. Charlie’s legs aren’t as long, so he had to run as fast as he could to keep up! Result: Charlie is the cutest thing you’ve seen in a while. -via reddit

5 Questions: This Quiz Has Legs

You’d better take Monday’s 5 Questions quiz before it walks away: This Quiz Has Legs

They’re So Irresistably Cuddly At That Age

(Video Link) When they’re too young to play with squeaky toys, they actually sound just like squeaky toys and their legs seem to work just about as well. Who knew? Via Cute Overload

QWOP: The Movie

(YouTube link) The most ridiculous (and most difficult) online game in the world, QWOP, requires you to control a runner’s legs with your keyboard. Now, for some reason, it has been made into a live-action story. -via The High Definite P.S. While preparing this post, I found that it is possible to actually win the game! Link

Spiders evolved spare legs

New research has revealed that spiders actually have more legs than they need for everyday use. Scientists examining a selection of spiders from aroun…

How did snakes lose their legs ?

New research has strengthened the view that snakes evolved from lizards whose legs became redundant. “If something is not useful it can regress withou…

Disabled Couple

True Love Stories Disabled Couple – She has no legs, he has no arms. But they are happy together and live a usual life of people who love each other. The man does everything around the house using his legs.