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Back to the Future LEGO Set

Suggested by fans, the LEGO company will be rolling out a Back to the Future LEGO Set in mid-2013. And better yet, the designers are donating their royalties to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research. Link

LEGO Big MaK Mech

LEGO enthusiasts Sean and Steph Mayo created this Big MaK mech, complete with anti-air fry missiles, heavy Big Mac armor, sniper-fry cannon and vanilla frostie … with sprinkles! It’s for BrickLink’s Creations [...]

Stratos Jump in LEGO

(YouTube link) Felix Baumgartner broke a world record with a 24-mile skydive earlier today. While we wait for the video, we can enjoy this speedy re-enactment rendered in LEGO. -via The Daily What Geek Okay, the actual POV video of the skydive is available now, too. Continue to see it. (YouTube link)

Time-Lapse Video Of Massive LEGO Vampire Being Built

(YouTube Link) A massive LEGO art vampire was built in New Orleans to officially usher in the Halloween season, and the fun part is- it was built by a crowd of people! Here’s more on this epic scale LEGO build: LEGO kicked off the countdown to the Halloween season by inviting the New Orleans community to build a [...]

Dr. Strangelove in Lego

So here’s a bit of Dr. Strangelove re-done in Lego stop-motion. In these two clips, we enjoy two key scenes from the film. They contain major spoilers, in case you haven’t seen the film before — but they’re so good, they make me want to watch the entire film done in Lego. [...]

LEGO Great Ball Contraption

(YouTube link) Which will win -the blue ball or the red ball? LEGO master akiyuky built the most elaborate LEGO ball machine you’ve ever seen over the course of two years. This is all at his house! You’ll enjoy it even more if you mute the video and listen to this song while watching instead. -via [...]

Lord of the Ring’s Rivendell In LEGO

Talk about an epic LEGO build, this incredible Lord of the Rings design took over 50,000 blocks to create and weighs an amazing 120 pounds. Link Via i09

Lenticular LEGO Portrait Of Batman And Joker

This awesome piece of optical LEGO art was created by Arthur Gugick, a man who had a vision of Batman and the Joker on the same piece of LEGO art then made his vision come true. Tilt it one way-you’ve got the Caped Crusader, tilt it the other way you’ve got Mr. Joker in all his [...]

80 Years of Lego

Ole Kirk Kristiansen established a business on August 10, 1932 that eventually became the LEGO company. But it didn’t start out with building bricks and minifigs. He sold ladders, some furniture, and wooden toys. Eventually, of course, the toys really took off. The shop was called LEg GOdt, or “play well” in Danish. Later, it would [...]

Walt & Jesse As Amigurimi Plushies

Tired of your LEGO meth lab? Then maybe you need one of these adorable little Breaking Bad amigurimi plushies to help act out all of your meth-making fantasies. Aren’t they just the cutest drug manufacturers you’ve ever seen? Link Via BoingBoing