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LEGO Big MaK Mech

LEGO enthusiasts Sean and Steph Mayo created this Big MaK mech, complete with anti-air fry missiles, heavy Big Mac armor, sniper-fry cannon and vanilla frostie … with sprinkles! It’s for BrickLink’s Creations [...]

Civil Unrest LEGO Collection

(YouTube link) Slate V imagines LEGO sets that reflect what is going on in the world, in your choice of Occupy Wall Street or Arab Spring versions. If these really existed, I would be in line to get one! Then it would be easy to illustrate the events of the past year in LEGO. Link -via [...]

The IKEA Effect

Marketing lore and common sense tells us we value the things we make more than the things we buy already made. That even holds true when we assemble things from a kit, according to research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Experiment 1A: Participants either inspected an IKEA pre-built box or assembled it themselves.  Afterward, [...]