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Star Wars Cupcakes with Edible LEGO Minifigs

Strictly speaking, LEGO minifigs are already edible — just not digestible. Cake Central member Andytibaby solved that problem by making her minifigs out of what appears to be fondant. Link -via Bit Rebels

Ski Trooper

Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäk captures amazing images of Star Wars LEGO minifigs in action. His winter scenes from the planet Hoth are particularly striking because the snow looks so realistic. Don’t scoff at the stormtrooper pictured above. Ski troops are useful. Link -via Walyou (warning: auto-sound)

The Late Movies: Lego Battles

Some like to reenact battles from history in their spare time. Others do it on YouTube, using Lego Minifigs. Stop-motion Lego movies are a wonderful way for students to understand and illustrate scenes from history -including war. 1814 The Battle of New Orleans Narrated by the late great Johnny Horton. I found this wonderful Lego film through [...]

The Late Movies: Sequels to The Titanic

I didn’t watch the movie The Titanic for ten years because I already knew how it ended: the boat sank. Which is what makes the idea for a sequel that much sillier. Despite the 1980 movie Raise the Titanic and the 2010 film Titanic II (which is about another boat named Titanic II), people tried [...]