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Moleskine LEGO Large Ruled Notebook

Moleskine LEGO Large Ruled Notebook – $21.95 Attention closet LEGO fanatics! Behold the limited edition Molesking LEGO Large Ruled Notebook from the NeatoShop. This amazing book features a themed black hardcover with embedded black LEGO brick. Get inspired to “Think With Your Hands.” Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Back to School items [...]

Steampunk Inspired LEGO Creations

Steampunk as a fashion trend might be fading away, but steampunk inspired inventions and designs will never die. Matt Armstrong brings his version of steampunk inspired design to these LEGO brick sculptures, and the resulting inventions/artworks are quite handsome looking indeed. With classic designs, simplistic retro flair, and the look of full functionality, this is [...]

The Royal Wedding Recreated With Lego Blocks

The Royal Wedding Recreated With Lego Blocks Celebrating the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton in their own inimitable style, bosses at Legoland have depicted the happy couple in miniature bricks. It took a team of model makers at Legoland Windsor over 30 hours to build the tribute to William and Kate’s nuptials – depicting them [...]

10 Amazing Costumes for Halloween

Every year, I am impressed not only by the dedication and technical skill some people put into their Halloween costumes, but also the ingenuity and cleverness to come up with some of these! 1. Happy Mutant Three-armed Baby Four-month-old Corvidae sprouted an extra arm for Halloween last year! Canida posted how this mutant baby costume was created [...]