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Thanksgiving Leftovers Benedict

Forget English muffins, ham and hollandaise sauce, these Thanksgiving eggs benedict look delicious and are a great way to make your leftovers fun again (which can be hard to do after a few days). Link

Superheroes at Home

Gregg Segal, a photographer, gained unprecedented access to several superheroes who allowed him to take pictures of their mundane, household lives. Segal writes: I followed the super heroes home to highlight the contrast of the fantastic and mundane. Though in costume, the super heroes are unmasked by the ordinariness of their apartments and their routine chores. [...]

Unpopular Science

Christoph Neimann illustrated the laws of physics as they apply to our daily lives. I can really relate to this one. But back to Newton: he discovered that any two objects in the universe attract each other, and that this force is proportional to their mass. The Earth is heavier than the Moon, and therefore attracts our [...]