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Who’s on the Left? (part two)

If you enjoyed trying the mental_floss quiz Who’s on the Left? then you’ll want to try out ten more famous pairs. You know the names, you know the faces, but are you sure you know which one is which? I didn’t -I only got four correct! I still don’t know who Ed and Larry are. [...]

Doctor Who Shoes

Not only do these shoes look great, but they’re going to last forever thanks to their regenerative abilities -well, at least, the one on the left will. Link

Sydney as it Might Have Been

The image on the left is what the Sydney Opera House almost looked like, had the team led by J. Marzella came in first instead of second in the design competition! Take a look at this and more alternative versions of famous monuments over at Oobject: Link

40 Awesome Tributes to Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad might not be a comedy, but we think these fan tributes are pretty funny. “BREAKING BADMAN: Heisenberg & Pinkman” by Brian Lipko Left: “Breaking Baddies” by Smapte at Xanadoodle Right: Bruce Lowell (bruceywan) at Flickr Alex Jones (“Orion Pax”) at Flickr Renae DuHaime (RenDuH) at Craftster Kyle Hilton at Flannel Animal Kyle Hilton at Flannel Animal Left: Trent Reznor as [...]

45 Things We Should Forget About 2011

Left to right: Toddlers & Tiaras prostitute costume, Adult Babies, Chicks with Steve Buscemi’s Eyes, "Doctor" Injected Woman’s Butt [...]

The Late Movies: Guess The Theme XXVII

It’s Thursday night and that means this is the last edition GUESS THE THEME that will happen during Daylight Saving Time (until, you know, next spring). All the clips below have something in common. Leave your best guesses in the comments. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Up Around The Bend Elvis Presley – All Shook Up The [...]

Rebuilding in Japan

Amazing, indeed. The picture on the left is dated 3/11. The picture on the right is dated 3/15. Meanwhile, a stretch of highway near my home was repaved in only 18 months. If you can read this post in Japanese, maybe you could give us more details. Link -via reddit

The World’s First Gadgets

Pictured on the left is the 1st iPod ever made, it was released in 2001, it boasted an impressive 5GB storage and as you can see the design still looks good to this day. See it along with other other original gadget designs including the 1st ever general MP3 player, the 1st ever laptop and more [...]

Why Don’t We All Drive on the Same Side of the Road?

Yesterday, the residents of Samoa began driving on the right side of the road instead of the left. This is the first major switch since the 1970s, when Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone made the change. Randy James of Time magazine has an article exploring how different nations came to use different sides of the [...]