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The Missing Links: A Mobster With a Soft Side

Today I Learned on Reddit’s Today I Learned: Pretty Boy Floyd Had An Altruistic Side He was like a twentieth century Robin Hood. He really cared about the common man. I mean, not the ones at whom he aimed guns during robberies. But some of them. * Green Garbage Bin Gardens Awesome or eyesore? * How Do [...]

Things I Learned From Doctor Who

Things I Learned From Doctor Who – $5.95 Attention Doctor Who fans! Celebrate the vast knowledge you have gained from the great Doctor with the marvelous Things I Learned From Doctor Who poster from the NeatoShop.  Examples of things you should have learned from Doctor Who include: When all else fails use your sonic screwdriver The smallest change [...]

The Missing Links: Turn Off the Lights & This Cat Will Glow

Still Unnerving Forty-Four Years Later The photographs in the LIFE gallery on the RFK assassination are startling because they were taken only minutes or seconds before – or after – the horrible tragedy took place. Make sure to check out the accompanying text below the photos for more information on them. * Nerd DIY: The Papercraft Enigma Code Machine That’s [...]

The Missing Links: How Are These Legal Again?

If You’ve Been Hoping To Clone Ronald Reagan, You Might Find This Helpful This seems, as the article says, rather craven. * Memes: Collect the Whole Set These meme trading cards are pretty nifty * Today I Learned On Reddit’s Today I Learned: Someone Wanted to Drop Nukes Into A Volcano “I believe that explosives dropped down their throats may cause such [...]