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The College Graduation Speech You Wish You’d Heard

Author Charles Wheelan’s first job after college was to write commencement speeches for a governor, offering "tidbits of wisdom" to graduating seniors, which was quite remarkable given [...]

The Story of Tommy’s Big Head

Kalvin and Leah Greuel of Hawley, Minnesota, adopted Tommy soon after he was born to a woman that Leah met at Walmart. That in itself is a story, but then Tommy suffered from a mysterious condition that caused his head to grow too fast. At 6 months old, it was off the charts for his age [...]

Website Exposes Fake Hotel Photos

Have you ever went to your hotel room and thought “hey, this rinky dink room wasn’t at all like the photo on the website!” (I’m looking at you, Boston Omni Parker House Hotel). Well, a website named Oyster has stepped up to the task of taking actual honest-to-goodness (not photoshopped for brochures) photos of hotels. [...]