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How the Canadian Provinces and Territories Got Their Names

Here’s a little more Canadian history on this Canada Day. Alberta Named in honor of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and the wife of the Marquess of Lorne, Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883. Lake Louise, the village of Caroline, and Mount Alberta are also named after her. British Columbia The name refers to the Columbia District, the [...]

Link Latte 180

#180 – Week of May 16, 2012 Every Ship Lost by Great Britain in WW2, hi-res – [super image] Extreme Climbing in Moscow, pics – [urban] Spectacular Planet System Found – [wow space] Predictions about 2001 from 1901 – [futurism] Forbidden Colors Can Be Seen! – [fascinating] StratoCruiser!, VW MicroBus – [concepts] Unveiled: Plans to Nuke the Moon – [history] Tokyo Sumida River [...]

The Sagan Series: The Humans

The Sagan Series continues to surprise. Working with an extremely limited resource (Sagan’s reading of the Pale Blue Dot audiobook and portions of Cosmos), editor Reid Gower has continued to find lyrical passages from Sagan and combine them with imagery and audio from other sources. In “The Humans” (the ninth installment of the [...]

5 Reasons to Feel Uneasy About Canada

Maple Leaf image via Shutterstock I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been complimented on the safe, peaceful oasis that is my homeland. I’ve been petted and cooed at in public; laughed at by airport security when my passport was presented; had my socks pilfered during a routine mugging in Baltimore after a red and [...]

23 Bizarre Things Ceremonially Dropped on New Year’s Eve

Don’t live anywhere near New York City, but still desperate to see something – anything – drop during a countdown to 2012 on New Year’s Eve? We can help. (Well, we can help some of you. You might have to go on a road trip.) Check out these places that have put their own twists on [...]

The Electric Car That Can Power Your House

Who needs a generator when you’ve got the Nissan Leaf, an 100% electric car that can power your house for 2 days via the “Leaf-to-home” system, a converter that attaches to your home’s electric panel and allows for the car’s lithium-ion battery to provide power when it may be otherwise unavailable.With the people of Japan [...]

How to Recharge a Nissan Leaf with a Tow Truck

Sure, you could recharge your Nissan Leaf the earth-friendly way (feeding it electricity from a coal-burning power plant), but what fun is that? There’s a better way: holding down the brakes lightly while being towed. Because of the regenerative braking feature of the Leaf design, this will charge the car’s batteries. Just make sure that [...]

Scientists Make "Artificial Leaf"

The photo to the left doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually quite a big deal. MIT scientist Daniel Nocera and colleagues have achieved a huge milestone in energy production by mimicking what nature has done for a long time: they’ve successfully mimicked photosynthesis with an “artificial leaf.” A team of chemistry and engineering scientists [...]

OK Go’s Toast Animation

(Video Link) The band OK Go is known for its innovative music videos. The group’s latest video for the song “Last Leaf” consists of stop-motion animation on pieces of toast. It was directed by Geoff Mcfetridge and sponsored by Samsung, which provided the camera. Link via Geekosystem | Director’s Website

Leaf Carving

Leaf carving involves cutting away at a leaf until it reveals an image. This is a craft practiced by Nature’s Art, a studio in Hengshui, China. At the link, you can view several other examples as well as instructions on how to make your own. Link via Make | Photo: Nature’s Art