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Monks Sued For the Rights to Sell Coffin

After Hurricane Katrina put St. Joseph Abbey of Louisiana in financial hardship, the monks decided to parlay their woodworking skills into making and selling coffins. But before they could even sold a single casket, St. [...]

Robotic Fish Accepted by Real Fish as Leader

Researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University have created a robotic fish that have been accepted as leader by real fish: The researchers designed their bio-inspired robotic fish to mimic the [...]

Gaddafi? Kadafi? Qaddafi?

How do you spell the name of the erstwhile leader of Libya? The Colonel writes it in Arabic lettering, which is not directly translatable to Roman. For most Middle Eastern names, news agencies use whatever spelling the subject prefers, but in this case, he has never stated a preference. Instead, Libya’s Brother Leader lets a hundred [...]

Dumpster-diving Squirrel

A photo gallery in the Lexington Herald-Leader documents how a lucky squirrel retrieved an entire fast-food meal in a trash can at a city park. The squirrel climbed inside the can and came out with a french fry. After eating the fry, it went back in the can and came out with the remains of a [...]

Weird Website of the Week: Kim Jong Il Looking at Things

It’s crucial that the autocratic leader of an on-the-verge-of-starving population look like he knows what he’s doing, lest the people turn against him. One of the top ways that Kim Jong Il seems to do this is by surveying his kingdom, as it were, which also gives the press corps that follows him a chance [...]

Baptist leader nixes yoga for Christians

A Southern Baptist leader is calling for Christians to abandon yoga as it isn’t a “Christian pathway to God”. Albert Mohler’s comments have caused sig…

Turkey detains Iranian Raelian leader

Authorities in Turkey are holding the Iranian leader of Iran’s Raelian movement, Negar Azizmoradi. In Iran the Raelian beliefs are considered to b…