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Is there a subsurface ocean on Titan ?

NASA researchers believe that Titan harbours an extensive subterranean layer of liquid water. New data from the Cassini spacecraft suggests that Titan…

Movie Cancelled

On the surface, this appears to be a titanic missed opportunity to add an extra layer of realism to the movie. But since this came from a British site, there are probably “healthy and safety rules” to consider. Link -via Arbroath

Amazing 3D Paintings of Goldfish Created with Resin

What’s astonishing is that this is not a photograph of goldfish in a tank. Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori creates three dimensional images of goldfish by painting them, layer by layer, separated by very thin sheets of resin. You can look at them from any angle and they look just like fish. Watch a video at [...]

Ozone layer discovered on Venus

A very thin ozone layer has been discovered around the planet Venus by the Venus Express spacecraft. It is only the third known ozone layer ever found…

World’s first electronic glasses developed

The new spectacles contain a thin liquid crystal layer that can change its alignment when needed. The emPower glasses could spell an end to convention…

How and Why Do Chameleons Change Color?

The one thing everyone knows about chameleons is that they change color. The lizards’ palette-changing tricks have sparked human curiosity since the days of ancient Greece, when Aristotle first hypothesized that chameleons’ colors were linked to their mood or emotions. A century later, Antigonus of Carystus put forth another idea—chameleons change color to match their [...]

Volcanoes May Have Killed Off Neanderthals

A new theory says that volcanic activity in Europe’s past may have contributed to the extinction of Neanderthals. Several volcanos erupted in a short period of time along the Caucasus Mountains about 40,000 years ago. Populations of Neanderthals, who lived mainly in Europe, may have been reduced to the point they couldn’t compete with modern [...]

NASA photographs "trees" on Mars

These tree-like shapes aren’t actually trees at all but sand dunes coated in a thin layer of frozen carbon dioxide. The new photographs have caused qu…