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Jack Daniel’s Has An Incredibly Nice Trademark Lawyer

When Patrick Wensink used the artwork on the left for his book, he didn’t realize their would be any problem, but sure enough, Jack Daniels stepped in to protect their trademark. Unlike just about ever other trademark lawyer ever though, Jack Daniel’s lawyer Christy Susman was actually nice about the matter, sending the letter above [...]

Lawyerbot is Here!

That’s it. It’s official. The Robocalypse has begun, and as you may have suspected, lawyers are involved. Meet your new lawyerbot overlord: [...] a recent judicial ruling in the US has opened the doors to [...]

This Lawyer Is A Cowboy, Patriot And Champion Of Freedom

(YouTube Link) Adam Reposa is a self-proclaimed champion of freedom, patriot and one badass lawyer. Watch him wheel his monstrous truck around town, looking to smash those who oppose his right to cowboy up and punch freedom haters in the face. According to Adam, when you’re a lawyer you can smash up people’s cars on the road without [...]

How the Beatles Officially Ended -at Disney World

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website. Technically, it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when the Beatles ended as a group. John Lennon had officially walked out of a meeting at Apple headquarters, with the other three Beatles present, on September 20, 1969. [...]

Lawyer Disbarred for Addiction to Video Games

  Mathew Eshelman, a Pennsylvania lawyer has been disbarred due to his gaming obsession. He started screwing up the real life game of the criminal justice system so he could continue his non stop gamming even when he started his own practice. What video games would you risk getting fired from your job just to play? In the end he was found to [...]

NASA disputes Ed Mitchell camera claim

NASA have sued former astronaut Edgar Mitchell over his possession of a camera used on the moon. Mitchell’s lawyer maintains that the camera, which wa…

When Can A Lawyer Quit A Case?

In criminal matters, a lawyer is duty-bound to defend his client to the best of his ability. There are only a few specific scenarios in which it is considered OK to quit representing a defendant. For example, what if the defendant tells the lawyer that he plans to lie on the witness stand? Allowing perjury [...]