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5 Questions: Still In the ‘Yard’

Grab your lawn bags, ’cause Tuesday’s 5 Questions quiz is Still In the ‘Yard’

Battle Of The Star Wars Scarecrows

Not so long ago on afront lawn not so far away a battle between good and evil played out between scarecrows, and it was so cool that people took pictures and shared them with the world. All of the major characters were there, from Luke and Han to Jabba and Emperor Palpatine, and even though they [...]

Manicured Lawns

Alice Bartlett got her fingernails done in a suburban lawn theme. See more pictures at Laughing Squid. Link (Image credit: Flickr user Alice Bartlett)

How Long Would It Take A Guinea Pig To Mow Your Lawn?

Have you ever wondered how long it would take your pet guinea pig to mow the lawn? Me neither, but now that I think about it having an army of guinea pigs mow my lawn every day would be pretty freakin’ cute, that is until the hawks and crows move in for an all-you-can-eat buffet. For my [...]

How One Dad Got Lawn Darts Banned

Lawn darts, or Jarts, were all the rage in the 1980s. With a few Jarts, a few friends, and a few beers, American backyard-barbecue-goers would lay down small plastic hoops as targets and play a game not entirely unlike horseshoes. Each player would toss the darts into the air, attempting to arc them into opposite [...]

The 10 Weirdest Thefts Ever

Imagine looking out at your front yard one day and realizing your lawn is missing. That’s just what happened to Denise Thompson: It was where her four children and two dogs played, and where she drank coffee on sunny mornings. Then someone stole it. They didn’t even leave a note. Thompson and her children went away [...]

Jacobsen Lawn Mower vs. Sheep

How do you tout the benefits of your fancy-schmancy lawn mower? Lawn mower maker Jacoben turned to advertising icon Stan Freberg to create (now classic) ad campaign. Stan’s answer? Compare it to a sheep. The [...]

When Good Lawn Ornaments Go Bad

What happens when lawn gnomes get bitten in the zombie apocalypse? Apparently the gnomes get a hunger for flamingo flesh the way regular zombies start craving human brains. Link

10 Previous Word of the Year Candidates That Didn’t Catch On

Last week Oxford Dictionaries named “squeezed middle” the Global Word of the Year,* edging out terms like “clicktivism,” “fracking” and “tiger mother.” A quick look through past lists like these tells us Words of the Year don’t always stand the test of time. Here are ten examples. 1. Bushlips Anyone who remembers George H. W. Bush’s [...]

Lawn Chair Wheelchairs

Don Schoendorfer makes wheelchairs out of lawn chairs and bicycle wheels. His hobby was inspired by a woman in India who crawled across the dirt because she had no wheelchair. After building 100 of the inexpensive chairs, Schoendorfer founded the organization Free Wheelchair Mission in order to get the chairs shipped to those who need [...]