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Embroidered Shopping Bag

Don’t throw that bag away! It’s valuable. Lauren DiCioccio sewed a taffeta shopping bag and embroidered it to look like a cheap plastic sack. Link -via Boing Boing Previously by this artist: Embroidered Newspaper

Pencil Shoes

Lauren Milroy, a mechanical engineer with a background in the aerospace industry, recently completed a master’s program in design. She made these shoes out of colored pencils. Link via Dude Craft | Artist’s Website

Art Pokes Fun at Gentrification of Brooklyn

Photo: Lauren Besser Urban artist Specter created a series of hand painted billboards that lampoons the gentrification of Brooklyn. The art is very tongue-in-cheek (don’t miss the “Ghetto Fabulous Condos”), but let me ask you this: what is wrong with gentrification? What’s so bad with cleaning up the neighborhood and raising property values? Link – via Wooster [...]

Lauren Williams Born with two vagina

Lauren Williams Born with two vagina Suffering periods that lasted up to 21 days and finding sex difficult, Lauren Williams knew that something was wrong. However, the 28-year-old from Chingford, Essex was stunned to discover she had been born with a rare medical condition, which left her with two vagina’s, two wombs and two cervix. Following the shock [...]

Ed Gein The Wisconsin Grave Robber and Butcher of Plainfield

You may well have heard of Ed Gein (seen above centre in custody), but if you have not then take a look at this article, written by the current Queen of the macabre, Lauren Axelrod. The inspiration for a number of Hollywood movies, including Psycho and Silence of the Lambs, Mister Gein was not a [...]

Second YouTube ad for Webphemera

If you saw the original Webphemera advert on YouTube, created by the fabulous Lauren Axelrod, you will love this second promo video for Webphemera. It looks fabulous! Many thanks again to Lauren. Don’t forget to pay a visit to her wonderful blogs – The Ancient Digger and Friends Revolution.

Webphemera Video on YouTube!

Much to my delight my friend and fellow blogger, Lauren Axelrod, has created this fabulous thirty second promo video for Webphemera. It looks fabulous! Many thanks to Lauren, who as you may know runs two successful blogs herself – The Ancient Digger and Friends Revolution. Many thanks to Lauren! Take a look below!