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Dog Retrieves Sock Puppets

(YouTube link) Yeah, that’s a clever dog! However, I have a cat that turns on the laundry room light just for the fun of it, because she likes playing with the dangling chain. But whatever possessed this guy to store sock puppets on his ceiling fan blades? Was it specifically to train the dog to turn [...]

10 Incredibly Nice Robbers

Personal morality varies from person to person, and even within a person over time. Some justify stealing other people’s things in their minds one way or another, but still have a an ethical line they don’t want to cross. Oddee collected stories of thieves who had a change of plan due to unforeseen circumstances, like [...]

Buying Bread

It appears that redditor infeKteDx never paid attention to any grocery shopping his family did. Now he is on his own and is totally overwhelmed by the simple task of purchasing bread. The resulting thread is priceless, with suggestions like calling his mom to find out what bread to buy, plus recommendations for different breads [...]