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NASA unveils new Space Launch System

The new launcher will be the most powerful ever built, capable of taking humans to the Moon and Mars. More powerful than even the Saturn V rocket, the…

DIY Grappling Hook Launcher

You can buy a grappling hook launcher, but they’re expensive. Instructables member and MIT mechanical engineering student crreed figured that he could build his own. The force is provided by a paintball gun CO2 canister and the barrel is a copper pipe held in place by the frame of a Nerf gun. Link -via Technabob [...]

No One Wanted to Claim Rocket Launcher

Jarrette Schule found a rocket launcher in his backyard in rural Comal County, Texas on Tuesday. Against all common sense, he took it in his house, then began calling authorities to report it. He called the FBI, the sheriff’s department, and Homeland Security. “Everyone was handing it off to everybody else,” Schule said. He was surprised [...]