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Artificially Sweetened: The Story of Canned Laughter

The following article is from the bookUncle John’s Bathroom Reader Tunes Into TV. What if the studio audience isn’t laughing at what’s supposed to be funny? What if there isn’t a studio audience at all? There’s always “sweetening” -tweaking a program’s audio wth a laugh track or some other canned response. This is the story [...]

Do Other Animals Laugh When Tickled?

Bizarre Image of Man Tickling Chimp via Shutterstock In 1897, psychologists established that there are two kinds of tickles. Knismesis is caused by very light movement across the skin. It doesn’t make you laugh, and is sometimes accompanied by an itching sensation. Knismesis is often caused by animals and insects crawling across the skin, and may have evolved in a [...]

Pleasant Holidays With The Entire Family Tea

Pleasant Holidays With The Entire Family Tea – $9.95 Are you dreading the holidays? You need the Pleasant Holidays With The Family Tea from the NeatoShop. This Darjeeling with spice tea provides just the right dose of laughter to help soothe frayed nerves. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fun Food & Drinks! Link

A Brief History of Canned Laughter

Before television came along, comedy was largely a social thing. If you were seeing comedy live on stage or in a movie, you were likely seeing it with other people. And you had to listen to them all laugh. The guy two rows behind you with the forced belly laugh he uses for jokes he [...]