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The Missing Links: Things MJ Left Behind

Death By Vegetable All that talk about vegetables being good for you and helping you fend off death may be true. But sometimes they can become the face of death itself – when they’re carved into intricate skulls. * RIP Lonesome George (And the Entire Chelonoidis Nigra Abingdoni Species) The last remaining tortoise of his kind, Lonesome George was [...]

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

While the author of the Book of Proverbs remains uncertain (most likely, King Solomon wrote it), its intent is not. The book was written to share insight, and much conventional wisdom originates in its pages. Proverbs 17:22, “a merrie heart doth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones,” has transformed into [...]

14 Cool Examples of Bandage Design

List of cool bandage designs including bacon, beef, comics, duct tape and more. Next time you have to dress a wound why not dress it up? They say that laughter is the best medicine so why not cheer yourself up with a cool band-aid design the next time you get a cut or scrape? Besides, we [...]