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I’d just like to know what AT&T is thinking here. Was just accessing my account and had to enter new information online. Is this the UI guys having a good laugh… or? Pretty funny, if so.

15 Road Signs as Movies

You’ll laugh at how well road signs work to illustrate movies we are all familiar with. Unreality magazine has a list of 15 posters that mashup films with common road signs gleaned from the Photoshop masters at Something Awful. Link

Gollum Sings "I Will Survive"

(Video Link) Here’s Adam Savage singing “I Will Survive” in Gollum’s voice while Neil Gaiman tries not to laugh. That is all. Link

400 Excuses & Lies For The Workplace

400 Excuses & Lies For The Workplace – $9.95 Do you hate your job? You need 400 Excuses & Lies For The Workplace from the NeatoShop. Enclosed in this handy little tin are 400 ready-made excuses and lies to get out of working. These flashcards are perfect for when you need a good laugh. We know [...]

Vincent Bousserez’s Tiny People

We’ve previously featured some of Vincent Bousserez’s photographs before, but this one in particular made me laugh. In my home, we joke about pacifier gnomes stealing and hiding pacifiers, but maybe — just maybe — they’re actually real. You can view a slideshow of Bousserez’s work at the link and make up your own mind. Link [...]

A Boy and His Dog

This image made me laugh the moment that I saw it. deviantART user Hillary White’s gallery is filled with all sorts of hilarious juxtapositions, like Voltron dancing in a Monet painting and Brainy Smurf getting assassinated during the French Revolution. Link via Nerd Bastards Previously: Cutting Open an Animal and Crawling Inside to Survive During a Storm [...]

A Dog’s Joy Ride

In her latest post, Allie Brosh goes into the mind of her simple dog, which appeared to be wiped clean by a small adventure. The emptiness she sees may be terrifying to contemplate, but more likely will provoke a laugh. Link

Evil Genius Simulator

(Video Link) When I laugh manically and call out “Fools! I’ll destroy them all!”, people mostly just look at me funny. I mean, moreso than usual. I need this gadget developed by Tom Wyatt. The Tesla coils are controlled by a Kinect interface. Just shake your fists in the air and bellow out a diabolical cackle, [...]

A Brief History of Canned Laughter

Before television came along, comedy was largely a social thing. If you were seeing comedy live on stage or in a movie, you were likely seeing it with other people. And you had to listen to them all laugh. The guy two rows behind you with the forced belly laugh he uses for jokes he [...]

Modern Scarecrow

(YouTube link) On the one hand, this plan involves a lot of time and expense just to scare birds, especially as they will get used to it eventually. On the other hand, if the purpose is to give us a laugh, it works nicely! -via the Presurfer