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10 Strange and Wonderful Boat Races

The races are strange, but the title refers to the boats. With a little ingenuity, you can build a boat, loosely defined as a “flotation device,” out of anything! 1. Beer Can Regatta The Beer Can Regatta is an annual event at Mindil Beach organized by the Lions Club of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The participating boats [...]

The Weird World of Country-Specific Web Domains

As the dot-com bubble reached its peak in 2000, Internet entrepreneurs faced a problem: every word in the dictionary had been registered as a dot-com domain name. So their bold new innovation was to register domains ending in something other than dot-com! Let’s take a look back at the stories of three [...]

13 Peaceful Protests and Whether They Worked

© Julie Dermansky/Julie Dermansky/Corbis The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have been going on for over a month. From one side, we hear that the occupiers are a bunch of naive kids who need to change out of their hemp ponchos and take a shower if they want to be taken seriously. Others say the demonstrators are [...]

Latvian Milk Carton Boat Race

36 teams participated in a boat race during this year’s Milk, Bread, and Honey Festival in the town of Jelgava, Latvia. Each boat was homemade and amazingly creative. While that might be impressive enough, they were also made entirely out of empty milk cartons! Link -via TreeHugger | See also Artist Sailed in Giant Paper Boat

Meet Women Most Common Beautiful Face From Around The World

Describing someone as average-looking is rarely seen as a compliment. But most of us would be quite happy to look like a computer-generated depiction of the ‘average’ English woman, Welsh woman, or even the average Burmese. More than 100 women of 41 different nationalities and ethnicities were photographed in cities all over the world in an effort [...]

Latvia’s Hospital-Themed Restaurant

There’s a restaurant in Riga, Latvia, that looks like a hospital. The staff will even wrap you in a straight jacket, if that’s what you’d like. It’s called Hospitalis, and it combines the pleasures of eating out and medical examinations: Ah, listening to a live band while eating a meal in a gynecologist’s exam room—now there’s [...]

Soviet Secret City Sold for $3.1M

During the Cold War, Stalin and his successors built dozens of secret cities in the Soviet Union where thousands of people lived and worked, but did not exist on any map or gazetteer. One such town was Skrunda-1 in Latvia, which had originally been built to support radar installations. After Latvia became independent, the Russian [...]

Latvian meteor is revealed as a hoax

The strange object that allegedly fell over Latvia this week has been revealed as a hoax staged by a mobile operator, a representative stated that…

Fiery meteorite hits Latvia

An unknown object now believed to be a meteorite has impacted in a small town in Latvia, mystery endures however as at least one geologist is clai…