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Stonehenge scanned with digital lasers

The intricacies of Stonehenge have been brought to life like never before thanks to a new laser scan. The analysis has revealed in startling detail as…


Photo: Laser Bread/Flickr Brock Davis (previously on Neatorama) was given the simple task of cutting up a cucumber for his family’s dinner salad one night, but he [...]

Realistic Star Wars lightsaber goes on sale

The $400 LaserSaber uses a laser that is so powerful that the device comes with a health warning. Developed by a company called ‘Wicked Lasers’, the n…

I Have One Simple Request and That Is to Have Sharks with Freakin’ Laser Beams

It’s taken fifteen years, but Dr. Evil’s dream has finally come true. In April, marine biologist and TV personality Luke Tipple attached a 50-milliwatt laser emitter to the dorsal fin of a lemon shark. Can the shark control the laser beam? Not yet. The march of technological progress is a slow one. But we, the human [...]

Laser guns on ships ‘within 4 years’

Senior Navy technologists have claimed that working laser cannons will be in service very soon. Laser weapons have been a staple of science fiction fo…

Laser Cut Omni Tool From Mass Effect Series

Did you spend the last two weeks playing Mass Effect 3 only to find nothing but bitter disappointment and frustration at the end of the game? Well, hope is at hand when you strap this laser cut Omni Tool replica/cosplay accessory on your arm and create your own Mass Effect themed adventures all over town! A [...]

CatBot: The Automated Cat Laser

If controlling a laser pointer for your cat to play with is just too much work, you can build a machine to do it for you! Instructables user joe built one because his cat was obsessed with a laser pointer and wanted to play with it 24/7. By following his tutorial, you can make one, [...]

World’s First Hybrid Shark

Well, it’s not laser shark but nature is definitely taking a step towards the ultimate formation of the Sharktopus. Behold, ladies and gentlemen: the world’s first hybrid shark! Scientists said on Tuesday that they had discovered the world’s first hybrid sharks in Australian waters, a potential sign the predators were adapting to cope with climate change. The [...]

Laser Turns Brown Eyes Blue

Want to turn your brown eyes blue? Forget contact lenses! Changing the color of your eyes permanently from brown to blue may be just a laser treatment away, according to one doctor working on the technology: Dr. Gregg Homer at Stroma Medical [...]

Doctor claims he can turn brown eyes blue

Dr Gregg Homer claims that his laser based Lumineyes technology can turn brown eyes blue permanently. The treatment works by removing the brown pigmen…