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Microwave Case Mod

Don’t starve! Don’t leave the computer, either! The kitchen is fifteen feet away, and nothing there is worth that much trouble. Get this case mod which was on display at the 2003 Consumer Electronics Show. Spoiler: the lasagna inside isn’t real. It’s just wallpaper. Repeatedly stabbing at it with a fork will accomplish nothing. Link -via [...]

Pizzagna Combines The Best Of Two Great Things

If Garfield were real, this brilliant combination of pizza and lasagna would be enough to give him a heart attack…assuming he didn’t already have one as a result of his terrible diet and lethargic lifestyle. The idea’s pretty simple, just pile some thin crust pizzas into a casserole dish with a little extra sauce and [...]

7 Hilarious Garfield Variants

The comic strip Garfield has endured since 1978, when Jim Davis invented the lovable triad of Garfield, Odie, and their owner Jon Arbuckle. As a seven-year-old kid, I was a big fan — Garfield loved lasagna, and so did I. Odie (the dumb dog) was Garfield’s nemesis, so I decided that dogs were [...]

The 12 Strangest Lasagna Recipes On Earth

We don’t often post recipes here at Neatorama, but this post is worth your time even if you never intend to cook any of these! Have you ever heard of Chinese lasagna? Lasagna cupcakes (pictured)? Bacon and egg lasagna? Deep-fried lasagna? See a dozen of these strange dishes at FoodieBlog. Link -Thanks, Danny!

Fugitive Busted by Lasagna

I love lasagna, so I completely understand its power over lasagna-lovers. And so does the police, as they cleverly used it to catch a fugitive on the lam: He avoided Italian police for a decade on the run, but couldn’t resist his wife’s lasagna. Police say Giancarlo Sabatini went into hiding in 2000, shortly after being [...]