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Transparent Eel

You can see right through the whitespotted conger larva. This flat-shaped fish found in the waters around Japan is about six inches long now. But when fully grown, it will lose its transparency and be up to three feet long. Link (Translation) -via Twisted Sifter | Photo: Mie Prefecture Fisheries Research Institute

Man Infects Self with Hookworm to Treat Immune-Related Disorders

Hookworms are nasty parasitic nematodes, which larva infect humans through our skin, then travel to the lungs via the bloodstream and enter our airways. The hookworm larva are subsequently swallowed and made their way [...]

The Mystery of the Monster Larva Solved

Photo: Darryl L. Felder For two hundred years, scientists have wondered what the monster larva Cerataspis montrosa (above) pulled from the guts of fish would look like when it’s all grown up. Well, mystery [...]

Human Bot Fly Removal Pictures And Videos

A botfly is a fly in the family Oestridae. It is one of several families of hairy flies whose larvae live as parasites within the bodies of mammals. There are approximately 150 known species worldwide. Dermatobia hominis, the human botfly, is the only species of botfly known to use humans as the host to its larvae. In [...]