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Why Does a Laptop Need Its Own Bin at Airport Security?

Taking your laptop out of your bag is the second most annoying thing travelers have to do at airport security (number one, of course, is being forced to remove your shoes and put your bare feet on the undoubtedly filthy floor). Some electronic gadgets, like e-readers and tablets, can go through the scanner with your [...]

Raymond Chandler’s The Man Who Repaired Laptops

"You’ve got malware, sweetheart" (Image via Dieselpunks) What if, instead of a private eye, Philip Marlowe is a computer repairman? Jason Harrington channels Raymond Chandler in this wonderful hardboiled piece, titled "Raymond Chandler’s The [...]

Hello Kitty Leopard Laptop Case

Hello Kitty Leopard Laptop Case – $49.95 Attention Hello Kitty fans! It’s a jungle out there. Make sure precious 13″ laptop is protected from the elements with the Hello Kitty Leopard Laptop Case from the NeatoShop. This wildly fabulous case is made of embossed shiny patent faux leather and has a soft fleece interior. Be sure to [...]

Cupcakes Fluff Laptop Bag

Cupcakes Fluff Laptop Bag – $31.95 Are you looking for a computer bag that represents your delicious personality? You need the Cupcakes Fluff Laptop Bag from the NeatoShop. This great zippered laptop bag is padded and features a eye-catching retro design. This luscious case makes a great Mother’s Day gift. Girls Women love Gadgets too. Be sure to [...]

10 Incredibly Nice Robbers

Personal morality varies from person to person, and even within a person over time. Some justify stealing other people’s things in their minds one way or another, but still have a an ethical line they don’t want to cross. Oddee collected stories of thieves who had a change of plan due to unforeseen circumstances, like [...]

A Practical Use for a Broken Laptop

Gabor used a nonfunctional laptop to prop up a working laptop with broken hinges! Link

"This Guy Has My MacBook" Blog Helps Nab Thief

Photo link Joshua Kaufman’s MacBook was stolen from him way back in March. Luckily, he had installed a $15 app on his laptop called Hidden, which can track your computer “anywhere on the planet” and even take pictures of the people currently using your property. Though the Oakland Police were previously unable to help Kaufman due [...]

Some Samsung Laptops May Harbor Keyloggers

A computer security expert has recently discovered keyloggers on two new Samsung laptop computers. Mohamed Hassan wrote in Mich Kabay’s Security Strategies newsletter that as soon as he received his Samsung R525 laptop, he ran a full system scan and found a commercial keylogger called StarLogger. StarLogger claims it records every keystroke made on the computer, [...]

App Magnets

App Magnets – $12.95 You’ve got the best laptop, best smart phone, the best tablet computer … but what about your fridge magnets? Well, don’t be left out of style, hipsters! Check out these App Magnets by Alyssa Zeller over at the NeatoShop. Yes, they’re shaped like your favorite app icons: Link | More Fun Geeky [...]

Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

Isn’t this remarkable? The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk is a little tabletop you can attach to your vehicle’s steering wheel that gives you a level space to do anything you might need a level space for. And what would you do with a level space in your car? The 266 customer reviews for the Laptop [...]