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Laptop Mirror

Brian J. Noggle writes, “I am the only person in the entire planet who owns a mirror that says PROPERTY OF ENVISION on the back.” He gutted an old laptop computer and added a mirror to make this cute wall hanging. Link

Pedal-Powered Computer

Photo: OLPC The One Laptop Per Child project (OLPC) hopes to distribute a simple but useful laptop computer to impoverished children in developing nations at a very low cost per unit. One recurring problem in the project has been power supply. So the Afghan IT company Paiwastoon has developed this prototype pedalling machine that allows the [...]

Artist Creates Sculpture by Microwaving Laptop Computer

Photo: Kenny Irwin The One Laptop Per Child Foundation (OLPC) has designed an inexpensive laptop computer that it hopes to distribute to children in developing nations. To promote the project, artist Kenny Irwin took one OLPC computer, microwaved it, and sculpted it into the OLPCSlug. It’s currently on sale at eBay. Video of the microwaving process [...]