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Giant harvestman discovered in Laos

An unknown species of harvestman with a leg span of 33cm has been found during a TV production. Dr. Peter Jäger had been in Laos to film scenes for a …

How Collecting Opium Antiques Turned Me Into an Opium Addict

Smoking opium was a widespread practice in Asia over a hundred years ago, but the practice is almost gone today. Almost. Antiques collector Steven Martin, author of the new book Opium Fiend: A 21st Century Slave to a 19th Century Addiction, tells the story of how his research into the opium smoking tools he collected [...]

The Weird World of Country-Specific Web Domains

As the dot-com bubble reached its peak in 2000, Internet entrepreneurs faced a problem: every word in the dictionary had been registered as a dot-com domain name. So their bold new innovation was to register domains ending in something other than dot-com! Let’s take a look back at the stories of three [...]

The New York Times Just Turned 160

Last Sunday was the 160th anniversary of The New York Times. Throughout those years, The Times has created quite a reputation for itself and has even garnered the nickname the “newspaper of record.” These days, the paper is the third most popular in the world, only ranking behind The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, [...]

You Could Fit a Skyscraper inside the World’s Largest Cave

Hang Ken, a cave rediscovered in Vietnam last year, may be the largest in the world: Surrounded by jungle and used in the Vietnam war as a hideout from American bombardments, it is so large that it could hold a block of 40-storey skyscrapers. Its entrance was only rediscovered last year. The photograph was taken by a [...]

China’s Last Tiger Eaten

There’s no way of knowing whether the tiger that made a meal for five men was really the last Indochinese tiger in China, but no one has seen any others in years. Kang Wannian of Yunnan Province in China claims he killed the tiger in self-defense last February. Then he ate it. The only known wild [...]