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Alan Scott, the Original Green Lantern, Comes Out as Gay

Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, is back. This time, DC Comics has a twist for comic lovers: Alan is back as a gay man. Appearing in next week’s EARTH 2 #2, Alan Scott is the only Green Lantern of [...]

Green Lantern Fleece Cozy Blanket With Sleeves

Green Lantern Fleece Cozy Blanket With Sleeves - $24.95 Spring is here. Guard yourself and others against chills with the Green Lantern Fleece Cozy Blanket With Sleeves from the NeatoShop. This super soft, wearable, fleece blanket makes you look like Green Lantern. Yes, you are worthy of wearing such a powerful blanket. Be sure to check out [...]

The 20 Most Amazing Treehouses in the World

This Lantern House designed by Roderick Romero of Santa Monica is just one of the unbelievable treehouses in this collection. It’s made of 99 percent salvaged goods, including a stained glass window Romero saved from an old movie set. You’ll also find a treehouse that exists in the middle of New York City, a “Spirit [...]

The Ring Bearer

Adam Koford (Apelad) mixed Lord of the Rings with The Green Lantern in a way that just makes sense: Gollum finds the Power Ring that’s supposed to go to Hal Jordan (who became the Green Lantern). And it’s available on a t-shirt, at least for today. Link