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Obiwan Kenobi Arrested for Hit and Run

Old Ben Kenobi’s Jedi mind trick didn’t work on police in Roseville, California. They took him into custody after he allegedly hit a car and drove off: According to Bosworth, Kenobi pulled into the left-turn lane, tried to merge into the straight-ahead lane between two cars waiting in the lane, hit the cars he was trying [...]

The World’s Craziest Roads

I think the craziest road I ever drove on was the one lane, ocean-side freeway that hangs over California’s cliffs on the Coast Highway 101. While that got a little intense at parts, it was nothing compared to the terrifying roads seen in this Mental Floss article. Link

90’s A Capella Medley

Attention, children of the nineties! Take a stroll down memory lane with this enjoyable video clip of what is undeniably the best songs ever written in the history of music (we dare you not to hum along), as sung by Danish a capella group Local Vocal. Why, you’re welcome. Hit play or go to Link [...]

Laser Guided Bike Lane

While there are many reasons riding a bike is beneficial (great exercise, good for the environment) bike lanes on the side of city streets can prove hazardous for motorists and bicyclists alike. A new laser guided bike lane system may ease up the on road tension by giving drivers a heads up when there are [...]

Woman Ordered McDonald’s During Police Chase

I’m not sure whether the Hamburglar put her up to this, but a 64-year-old woman refused to stop when pulled over by police. Instead, she got herself into a McDonald’s drive-thru lane and ordered lunch: Officer Courtney Vassell pulled up behind Spen in the drive-thru lane, and got out of the patrol car. With police lights [...]

Fire Chief Ticketed While Aiding Injured Woman

Fire Chief James Allen is used to saving lives. What he isn’t used to is being ticketed by state police while trying to be of aid in an emergency. James received a ticket on Wednesday for blocking the right lane of traffic. He was in his department vehicle and was responding to a serious accident. “He [...]