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Prince Harry is Partial Owner of a Racehorse Named Usain Colt

John Stillwell/PA Photos/Landov Adrienne Crezo is on vacation this week, but she found time to share that fact with me yesterday. I am grateful. Stealing a line from our Managing Editor Jessanne Collins, I love the things that things are named. If you’d like to use this opening to come up with some punny names for [...]

What Do Olympians Eat? 5 Crazy Training Diets

Back in 2008, during the Beijing Olympics, we were regaled with stories about the monstrous 12,000 calorie daily diet that American swimming sensation Michael Phelps consumed while gearing up for the Games. Alas, Phelps revealed last month his diet has never been that gargantuan. “I never ate that much,” he said. “It’s all a myth. [...]

Quiz: Name the NBA Finals MVPs Since 1988

MIKE SEGAR/Reuters/Landov The Miami Heat are NBA champions, and LeBron James was just named MVP of the Finals. Since 1988, 14 different players including LeBron have won that award. How many can you name in 3 minutes? Take the Quiz: Name the NBA Finals MVPs Since 1988

The Scandalous History of Arlington National Cemetery

UPI/Kevin Dietsch /LANDOV Arlington is some of the most hallowed ground in the United States. More than 400,000 fallen servicemen and women are buried there and are honored with a service every Memorial Day. But despite its great importance, the cemetery has had more than its share of scandals over the last 148 years. Illegal Beginnings Arlington isn’t [...]

19 Regional Words All Americans Should Adopt Immediately

REUTERS /KEVIN LAMARQUE /LANDOV When traveling across the United States, it sometimes feels like the locals are speaking a whole different language. That’s where the Dictionary of American Regional English comes to the rescue. The last installment of this staggering five-volume tome, edited by Joan Houston Hall, was published last month, and let me tell you, [...]

From Curing Dandruff to Finding You a Husband: 11 Amazing Benefits of Listerine

GLEN ARGOV/Landov Is there anything Listerine can’t do? An article from 1888 recommended the product — then primarily a surgical antiseptic — “for sweaty feet, and soft corns, developing between the toes.” But that was only the beginning. Here are some of the many claims — some legitimate, some not — associated with the [...]