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The Missing Links: Where Is the Mountain-Climbing Tim Taylor?

VP Must Stand For Very Patronizing. Or Voracious Pugilism. A few notable moments from Vice Presidential debates throughout the years. * Sacred Home Land For Sale. Very Spacious. Must See to Believe. The Great Sioux Nation is trying to raise the money to repurchase their sacred tribal land. * Trick or Treat On the Cheap Just because you’re low [...]

Why Do So Many Countries End in “-stan”?

Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp? Who put the -stan in Afghanistan? I don’t know about the former, but we can thank the Proto-Indo-Europeans for the latter. These folks spoke the Proto-Indo-European language (PIE), a prehistoric Eurasian language that linguists have reconstructed. The PIE root, stā-, or “stand,” found its way [...]

Farming in Detroit

Could Detroit, which has the unenviable title of one of America’s Most Miserable Cities, get back its mojo by becoming … a farm?! Not such a crazy idea, according to some: Detroit has more than 200,000 vacant parcels—almost half [...]

Ancient sunken ‘Doggerland’ unveiled

A vast area of land covering what is now the North Sea has been revealed following a 15-year project. Known as Doggerland, the huge stretch of land wa…

11 Seriously Amazing Customer Service Stories

Imagine joking around by Tweeting that you want Mortons to meet you with a steak when land at an airport -and actually having them do it. That’s exactly what happened to Peter Shankman: It just happened to occur over dinnertime, and he knew he would be starving when he deplaned and headed home. “Hey, @Mortons – [...]

In Case of Emergency, Eat This Book

After you’ve foolishly walked away from your Land Rover to explore a mirage in the Arabian desert, you’ve found yourself lost. What to do? Thank goodness for this survival guide that explains how to keep yourself alive with tips on dealing with [...]

10 Secrets from the Wonderful World of Disney

From how to score a cocktail to where to scatter grandma’s ashes, this is your ticket to the real Magic Kingdom. 1. There Are Dead Bodies in the Haunted Mansion (Image credit: Flickr user Joe Penniston) The Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland is on e of the scariest places in the park, but not for the reasons you’d [...]

Hot Water Beach: The Beach on a Hot Spring

I really want to visit New Zealand, a land that seems filled with wonders. There’s a beach on the North Island where geothermal energy heats the sand. It can get as hot as 147° F, so visitors often dig hot tubs into the beach. View more pictures and a video at the link. Link | Photo: [...]

Would you buy land on another planet ?

In the future we could see businesses and governments laying claim to plots of land on other worlds. Right now the 1967 Outer Space Treaty prohibits a…

Did dinosaurs live in the water ?

A startling new theory suggests that dinosaurs were simply too big and cumbersome to live on land. Professor Brian J Ford believes that the classic vi…