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Russian team reach lake below Antarctic ice

It’s taken over 20 years but scientists drilling through the ice have finally reached lake Vostok. In an achievement that has been likened to putting …

The Quick 10: 10 Places You Don’t Want to Swim

With the high temperatures lately, my neighbor has made a habit of taking midday dips in the kiddie pool in her backyard. (I know this because she sings with the radio and splashes water in rhythm.) Speaking of places I never want to swim, here are ten lakes, pools, and beaches you should approach with [...]

Reaching The World’s Coolest (and Most Isolated) Lake

If you ever wondered what the coolest lake in the world is, wonder no more. It’s called Lake Vostok, and it’s in Antarctica. Actually, it’s under Antarctica — four kilometers below its icy surface — making it not only the coolest lake, but the coldest, too, and likely the most isolated. Russian scientists have been [...]