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The Myths and Marvels of Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the highest-altitude navigable lake on earth. It spans two countries and thousands of years of civilization. In fact, those who live there consider it the birthplace of the Incas. Read more about this fabled lake and see gorgeous pictures at Environmental Graffiti. Link (Image credit: Wikipedia user Skykid 123ve)

Frog Juice In Peruvian

Frog Juice Peru has been selling fresh frog juice for the last 15 years, and some locals drink it every day because they say it gives them strength. There’s nothing like a glass of fresh juice in the morning, right? Peruvian restaurant owner Carmen Gonzales would agree with this 100%, only she has a different kind of [...]

Did Warfare Fuel The Birth of Advanced Civilization?

What is war good for? In Peru it may be good for starting an advanced civilization. Archeologists are studying this occurrence to see how war may have been a common factor in the rise of more advanced civilizations. The Peru of the first millennium BCE was full of smaller groups, but it isn’t until the [...]

Living, Growing Architecture

“QUANTUM SHOT” #587Link – article by Dylan Thuras We welcome our guest writer, Dylan Thuras of the Atlas Obscura, with a spell-binding tale of the “living architecture”‘ the world over, a tale which deserves to be told (and learned from, by modern architects) Living Architecture: Growing your house, one chair at a time Plants are amazing: they provide [...]