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Headless Ladybug

Photo: Michael Ivie Just in time for Halloween, here comes the "headless" ladybug: Ross Winton, a former entomology grad student at Montana State University (MSU), found the bug in a trap he set up in a sand dune in southwest [...]

How Ladybugs Fly

Sometimes, a video comes along that answers a question I didn’t know I had: How does a ladybug fly if it doesn’t have visible wings? It doesn’t just flap its shell around. Being a lifelong Science Dummy, I guess I never thought about that, though clearly it’s an issue for all beetles. Wikipedia to the [...]

Ladybug Day

(YouTube link) Teacher and numbers geek Ron Gordon tells me today is Ladybug Day! Gordon finds fun patterns in dates, and today is 10-11-12 (as we write it in the U.S.). The name was inspired by the above song from Sesame Street. The dates corresponding to the first, second, and third lines of the song have [...]

Ladybug Mimic Spider

Take a closer look at this cute ladybug and you’d be surprised to find that it’s actually a spider. Meet the Ladybird Mimic Spider (Ladybug Mimic Spider for us Yanks), as wonderfully snapped by Singaporean photographer [...]

Ladybug Bag

Ladybug Bag $29.95 Are you looking for the perfect summer accessory. You need the stylish Ladybug Bag from the NeatoShop. This useful handbag is made out of rubber and has fantastic detail work. There really is no better way to show your love for this useful little insect! Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more [...]